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  • River scientist Eugene Macri specializes in aquatic biology, fishery science, entomology, phycology, environmental geology and other areas in studying streams and rivers.
  • Stream and River Studies often use EPA RBPs which may be outdated and fail in using stream modeling techniques. Modern stream studies have become more political rather than scientific and reflect policy versus good scientific methods.
  • The microbiology of streams and rivers includes the study of viruses, bacteria, algae, protists, and other microscopic organisms. Streams and rivers often have a microfloral periodicity that is controlled by volume, temperature, light, nutrient input and other biotic and abiotic factors.
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  • Streams and rivers should be managed in a scientific manner protecting the resources rather than a political one. Most rivers and streams are mismanaged due to the undue influence of groups not concerned with the resource.
  • Stream and river restoration methods whether they are Rosgen's or other engineering methods often do more harm than good and fail to adequately address biological parameters with often time simplistic geomorphological changes. Great amounts of money are spent on stream restoration without proper goals in mind.
  • Eugene Macri is professional riverkeeper and works with clubs, groups, and organizations to properly manage private streams. Using proper river keeper methods with the best science will often allow even lesser waters to be productive beyond normal management procedures.
  • Water quality studies vary greatly in their scientific validity due to inadequate standards and outdated protocols which put citizens in jeopardy.
  • Trout streams should be managed in a scientific manner. They should not all be managed the same. When trout and streams are managed for only put and take hatchery trout the system is unsustainable.. Fish hatcheries cause pollution but can be use properly if the resource comes first.
  • Trout stocking is a complex problem. Streams and rivers should be evaluated in a number of ways inclluding putting the resource first. One method does not fit every stream or situation. Wild trout are valuable resource and should be manged effectively. Macr's Protocols for Trout Stocking are a starting point for aquatic and fishery scientists and form the basis of good stream biological management.
  • Fishery studies and analysis are often done improperly and fail to take in to account the complete aquatic ecosystem. Fishery populations must be studied in relationship to all components of the ecosystem not just poundage or number of fish.
  • Private streams and rivers can be managed more scientifically if desired by the owners. Many times the methods used in private water mangagement are adaptable to public stream management.
  • Global warming and climate change affects all streams and rivers. Some of these effects including temperature problems, declining macroinvertebrate diversity, concentration of toxins, and changing species.
  • America's waters are a biochemical soup. They contain everything from heavy metals to endocrine disruptors. The syntergistic and cumlative effects of these perturbations are destroying the system. To find out some of the toxins in your state's streams and rivers check the 303 D List.
  • Fly fishing and stream ecology have been linked as longs as fishermen and scientists have been curious and wanting to know what makes the stream tick.
  • Eugene Macri gives lectures, seminars and speeches in a number of areas including aquatic and fishery science, environmental geology, phycology and environmental science. He also produces videos and educational and scientific products.
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