River Keeper Services

Fishing on An English Chalk Stream at River keeper Services at www.riverscientist.com

I manage streams, lakes, and ponds as a River Keeper.  My freestone stream has a wild trout population that one would never expect from such a small mountain tumbler. I have done more research on spring creeks than probably anyone in the country.  Some of the research was used to shut down the state hatchery on Big Spring Creek. I will give you an honest scientific evaluation of your resources.  Whether it's part time, seasonal, or full time I can give you the scientific and fishing advantage for your group or club.  I also manage personal waters for those that have them.  If you are interested in my services as a River Keeper for you waters please contact me. Here are a few photos from the waters I have:

Wild Brook Trout Conewago Creek River Keeper Eugene Macri at www.riverscientist.com


Massive Wild Rainbow 6 1/2 Pounds from my Private Waters River keeper Services at www.riverscientist.com

Wild Brown Trout from Private Waters at River keeper services at www.riverscientist.com

Wild Monster Brook Trout from Private Pond at www.riverscientist.com

Beautiful Wild Brook Trout from our Wounded Warriors Project at www.riverscientist.com


Wild Brook Trout From Private Water Managed by Gene Macri At Riverkeeper Services from www.riverscientist.com 




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