America's Waters
Eugene P. Macri Jr.

Big Spring Creek, Newville PA. A Limestone Spring Creek at America's Waters from

The rivers, steams, and lakes of America are dying a slow death.  You would never know this however, from the mainstream media and the likes of the politicians.  If you don't believe me Google your states 303 D List. This list will show you the perturbations, toxins, chemicals, and other junk in your waters. Unfortunately, it's only the tip of the iceberg.  Because many toxins are not even measured.  Massive amounts of endocrine disrupters from myriad of inputs are causing strange happenings in our waters including the sex changes by fish which are wiping out populations and changing the dynamics of our aquatic ecosystems.

Invasive species like Snakeheads and Asian Carp have become national problems. The nutbag Tea Party Republicans, some Democrats and others don't believe pollution hurts anything.  Our waters are literally becoming toxic cesspools. In Pennsylvania we are destroying groundwater supplies and polluting drinking water with fracturing.  The public has been lied to, intimidated and threatened when they complain.  The newspapers are worthless and cover up for the industry.

It's all about jobs they say!  But they don't count the number of jobs being destroyed in the fishing and hunting industries which usually rank in the top tier of revenues generated in a state.  The value of people's homes are being destroyed almost overnight! Would you buy a home next to a fracturing area!

The perturbations are coming from the air, water, and land.  The toxins include methyl mercury and its devastating affects on all pathways through the ecosystem. The state agencies like DEP in Pennsylvania actually allow the industry to furnish their own data.  The state is an environmental free fall.  The entire government in Pennsylvania has been bought out by the natural gas industry.

There appears to be little hope and so called national environmental groups have little scientific merit and are failures. They play the political game and have caved to Wall Street, their rich friends and the mainstream media.  Once again I leave you with this caveat: Do not trust any data from the EPA, State DEPs. CDC, or anyone including environmental groups unless you have thoroughly investigated it by having an independent expert evaluate it. And finally after reading your state's 303 D List make sure you understand what's in the waters where your fish are coming from-- because personally, as an aquatic scientist, I wouldn't eat most of the fish that come from America's Waters!


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